Our Vision & Mission


Leading the world in providing better sustainable technologies, management, leadership and solutions for people-centric businesses.

Providing advisory, mentorship, and coaching to start-ups and entrepreneurs for better future and collaborating corporates in leading and adopting Digital Transformation with right mindsets, strategy, leadership and cultural change.

Making leaders by driving continuous innovation and growth in various markets

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Who We Are

Organizations that experience continued success recognize that it isn’t just the change, it is the journey that matters. And people are at the core of every such organization, whether they are employees, customers, partners or suppliers.  So in a people-centric organization, human interactions are well defined, modeled and automatic. And this provides a new and enlightened way to handle an organization’s journey.

People Conscience is all about to impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire teammates and customers.

People Conscience helps in adopting sense of right and wrong for people-centric solutions and business.

With the rise of the gig economy, people are finding themselves engaging in multiple jobs, often willingly and even enthusiastically. Millions of people assemble various income streams and work independently. The gig economy took off at the same time that the internet was creating new ways to generate revenue and expanding opportunities. When many of us think of gig workers, it’s not only the millennials or Gen Y, but also strongly influenced by Gen X.

People Conscience supports “Gig Economy” and brings different opportunities for people to get engaged and collaborate in this digital era.


Our Offer

For Startups

Advisory – For all startups on Strategy, Business model, Growth/innovation, Product, Marketing, GTM, Pricing, Funding, Management, Customer relations, Team hiring and many others

Mentoring – For startups at initial stages



For Corporates

Advisory– Adopting Transformation, Strategy & Leadership, Organization & Business modeling, Collaboration, Culture & ONA , Management Consulting

Assessment– People-centric solutions, Cutting-edge technologies, References & Research


For Entrepreneurs

Coaching – Know-how of the startup’s mechanics, to start/launch your own venture, Leadership & entrepreneurship

Mentoring – Sharing experience, skills, proper guidance and providing network opportunities.


Research & Publication

Deliver research services through a range of models and standard research capabilities for People-centric business and solutions. Services like opportunity assessments, competitive insights, benchmarking studies and other market research on strategies are
which empower your business.

Trainings, Events & Contents

Spreading knowledge through sharing and contributing to innovations, technologies, leadership, best practices and disruptions in people-centric businesses. In this digital era, a continuous learning through training,  events, and contents sharing are leading the opportunities for business growth and branding.

Shared Services

Nothing is good than saving cost and increasing flexibility in your business operations. How about “shared services” which can be responsible for the execution and the handling of specific operational tasks, like accounting/finance, HR/payroll, IT, legal/compliance, & customer relations/support?


Happy Collaboration

 Soumyasanto is continuously contributed to our network a great content about people management, digital transformation, future of work and beyond resulted significant increasing of lead generation and brand awareness.  I found the experience with People Conscience as amazing and would recommend them to those who need strong advisory expertise and reliable media partner without reservations.  

Partner, Alexey Mitkin, Founder, Editor-in-Chief, The HR Tech Weekly® Online Media Co.

Having connected with Soumya on several creative digital interventions for HR, I’ve very much enjoyed his deep technical insight, blended with a powerful connection to human-centered design in his bid to bring about sustained, effective and powerful digital enablement in the effort to make work an incredible experience – seamless, frictionless and just plain easier.

Advisor, Jeff Wellstead, Partner, The Pioneers 


Past Engagements



An efficient and scalable technology solution that measures, evaluates and matches your company culture with individual profiles of employees and candidates. Multigene helps to boost company performance and employee retention by matching the right candidates with company culture.

Owen Analytics


An Artificial Intelligence based people solutions using Machine Learning and Organization Network Analysis. Owen provides a great platform for People analytics, which involves using digital tools and data to measure, report, and understand employee performance, is going through a major shift.



Infobeing provides an Ethereum social DAPP “I am” which makes meeting the right people easier than fate. Infobeing supports gig” economy and brings blockchain decentralization to all by solving the problem of meeting new people.