Soumyasanto is one of the few and most talented HR Tech Experts I have met. He has supported our venture in many aspects, Product Design, G2M Strategy, HR Innovation, Tech Engineering. Furthermore, he is highly professional, multicultural and with full of energy. 
We are very pleased with his valuable support which has boosted our Venture in a new dimension.

Stefan Visentin – CEO & Founder, Multigence

Having connected with Soumya on several creative digital interventions for HR, I’ve very much enjoyed his deep technical insight, blended with a powerful connection to human-centered design in his bid to bring about sustained, effective and powerful digital enablement in the effort to make work an incredible experience – seamless, frictionless and just plain easier.

Jeff Wellstead – Partner, The Pioneers

Soumya is a great mentor and teacher. He worked with us on our HR project dev-jobz.com and gave us valuable insights on the current HR startup scene, market needs and feedback on our value proposition. With his background in startups, HRTech and his prior mentoring engagements you benefit from every meeting! It’s been great working with you mentor! Looking forward to continuing our current project.

Phillip Duc Duy PHAM – Co-Founder Dev-Jobz

It was very interesting to get engaged with HRTech Advisor, Soumyasanto Sen for some couple for collaboration for some of our internal projects. He helped us to think outside the box and brought his external insights. Looking forward to more engagement in future.”

Gözde Imamoglu Vandevoorde – AVP, Allianz Global Investors

 Soumyasanto is continuously contributed to our network a great content about people management, digital transformation, future of work and beyond resulted significant increasing of lead generation and brand awareness.  I found the experience with People Conscience as amazing and would recommend them to those who need strong advisory expertise and reliable media partner without reservations.  

Alexey Mitkin – Founder, Editor-in-Chief, The HR Tech Weekly® Online Media Co.

We’ve got in touch with People Conscience because of a shared belief in putting people front-and-center in business. What distinguishes them for me is their open-mind and good knowledge of tech solutions supporting this paradigm and the eagerness with which they share these insights.

Jochen Bessemans – Community Manager & Evangelist

Soumya has done a masterful job weaving together the emerging digital agenda for business and for HR. He reports how business and HR will have to transform to have a sustainable impact. This is an outstanding compendium of new-age thinking and action.

Dave Ulrich – Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Partner, The RBL Group

Digital HR Strategy is a comprehensive and useful book that shows any HR organization how to understand the vast impact of digital business on all aspects of work, organizations, and HR.

Josh Bersin – Global Industry Analyst

In his book, Soumyasanto Sen, eases that anxiety and gives people solid connections on how they can thrive personally, organizationally and as a culture. His strategic approach is tangible and applicable to all industries. I thoroughly enjoyed his book and will be using it as a basis of how to embrace the digital reality of today and the future.

Steve Browne, SHRM-SCP – Vice President of Human Resources LaRosa’s, Inc. , Author of HR on Purpose !!

As we undergo a new industrial revolution, the digital economy is transforming every aspect of how we live, operate, and work in society. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the rapid pace of disruption, but in Digital HR Strategy, global influencer, author and thought-leader Soumyasanto Sen brings his experience and expertise to the fore, and offers a practical, innovative guide to navigating this often uncertain landscape. Any business leader, learner or HR professional with an interest in the ways digital transformation intersects with human capabilities will benefit from this compelling volume.

Ester Martinez – CEO & Editor-in-Chief People Matters

Work, workers and workplaces are all evolving from the analog world to the digital. The Human Resources function will need to lead the transformation. To do that it needs to transform itself. Digital HR outlines the possibilities.

Abhijit Bhaduri – Digital transformation coach, Author of The Digital Tsunami Host of the podcast Dreamers & Unicorns by PeopleStrong

The story of Digital HR transformation is about much more than technology. It’s about having the right mindset, it’s about working with and for employees and it’s about leveraging people data for good. Above all these, digital is a wonderful opportunity for HR to make a difference – to the business, to the workforce and to the function itself. Soumyasanto Sen captures all this and much, much more in Digital HR Strategy. I am sure that this book will be read and read again by HR leaders seeking to make a difference in their organsations

David Green – Writer, speaker and consultant on people analytics and the future of work, and Executive Director at Insight222

I think Soumya you as a thought leader in HR technology. Looking forward to his new book on “Digital HR Strategy”.

Gautam Ghosh – HR Thought Leader and Influencer & Ex-Director, Talent Branding, Flipkart

Soumya’s book is a welcome guide to HR’s long-needed transformation to become a strategic engine for success through humans. He asks the right questions and proposes an excellent blend of ideas, methods and tools. Soumya dares to take on the concrete migration to a post-ulrichian world where many rules are still unwritten and many solutions are still available. An enjoyable read, which puts the humans in the centre of technology. It is easily accessible and highly recommended also for newbies in the area of Digital Strategy.

Frode Hvaring – Chair, Digital Leadership Lab, Geneva Business School & Chair, International Geneva Executives Forum

Soumya presents an entirely new path to digitizing HRM, with changed paradigms and premises. The new world he is talking about is in the midst of risky and unusual metamorphosis into a new digital reality, where HR models of the past are not capable to cope with the new world. When companies decide to build an HRM system that fits the next generation, they can’t ignore this book. It delivers a blueprint for implementing new principles of digital HRM in practice and offers a great opportunity to completely rethink the HR function.

Kai Reinhardt – Professor for Business Administration, Organizational Behavior and HR HTW Berlin

The area of Digital Transformation is fraught with misconceptions and failed attempts to apply a 20th Century mindset to modern organizations. In his book, Digital HR Strategy, Soumya attempts to unravel this and provides a useful guidebook for HR practitioners and organization builders

Andrew Spence – Workforce Strategist, Glass Bead Consulting

The organizational world is changing fast. Technology is an important driver for transformations. HR can contribute a lot to successful transformations, and at the same time HR is transforming as well. In his book Soumyasanto guides us through the basic as well as more advanced elements of digital HR. HR- and business leaders can learn a lot from his structured approach

Tom Haak – Director HR Trend Institute

We are society driven by digital technology that has completely enabled and transformed how we work at an unprecedented scale. The advent of Ai will decimate vast amounts of the economy where routine jobs-functions will be automated, creating a shift for HR functions struggling to cope with people innovation, pace of change, exponential technologies and always-on to a star trek world that thrives in this new digital normal. Soumya’s Digital HR Strategy is a must read as we enter this new digital age in organisational design and human experience.

Marc Coleman – Founder & CEO UNLEASH

Gives an amazing clarity and clear guidance on how to design your Digital HR Strategy that is sustainable in this VUCA world. The master piece from Soumyasanto is a must read for CHROs, Digital Transformation leaders and HR practitioners who wants to lead their organisations to a sustainable digital future. With its extremely well researched and practical digital HR strategies and frameworks, it is ideal for management students to study it in management schools.

Bala Asirvatham – Founder and Managing Partner, FutureXeed

Soumyasanto’s book is a very important and timely publication on how to drive digital HR transformation and equip HR leaders and practitioners to prepare organization for the future. If you are interested in building an innovative, people-centric organization this book is a must-read – after all we are at a melting point when both technology and people work together for higher level of productivity hence HR has the best opportunities to be more strategic, a driver of business outcome.

Mihaly Nagy – Founder & CEO, The HR Congress

Many congratulations on your book, great achievement! wish you lots of success with it. 

Antonio Nieto Rodriguez – World Champion in Project Management, Thinkers50, Professor, Author & Executive Coach