Soumyasanto is one of the few and most talented HR Tech Experts I have met. He has supported our venture in many aspects, Product Design, G2M Strategy, HR Innovation, Tech Engineering. Furthermore, he is highly professional, multicultural and with full of energy. 
We are very pleased with his valuable support which has boosted our Venture in a new dimension.

Startup, Stefan Visentin, CEO & Founder, Multigence

Having connected with Soumya on several creative digital interventions for HR, I’ve very much enjoyed his deep technical insight, blended with a powerful connection to human-centered design in his bid to bring about sustained, effective and powerful digital enablement in the effort to make work an incredible experience – seamless, frictionless and just plain easier.

Advisor, Jeff Wellstead, Partner, The Pioneers 

Soumya is a great mentor and teacher. He worked with us on our HR project dev-jobz.com and gave us valuable insights on the current HR startup scene, market needs and feedback on our value proposition. With his background in startups, HRTech and his prior mentoring engagements you benefit from every meeting! It’s been great working with you mentor! Looking forward to continuing our current project.

Entrepreneur, Phillip Duc Duy PHAM, Co-Founder Dev-Jobz

It was very interesting to get engaged with HRTech Advisor, Soumyasanto Sen for some couple for collaboration for some of our internal projects. He helped us to think outside the box and brought his external insights. Looking forward to more engagement in future.”

Corporate, Gözde Imamoglu Vandevoorde, AVP, Allianz Global Investors

 Soumyasanto is continuously contributed to our network a great content about people management, digital transformation, future of work and beyond resulted significant increasing of lead generation and brand awareness.  I found the experience with People Conscience as amazing and would recommend them to those who need strong advisory expertise and reliable media partner without reservations.  

Partner, Alexey Mitkin, Founder, Editor-in-Chief, The HR Tech Weekly® Online Media Co.

We’ve got in touch with People Conscience because of a shared belief in putting people front-and-center in business. What distinguishes them for me is their open-mind and good knowledge of tech solutions supporting this paradigm and the eagerness with which they share these insights.

Investors & Ecosystem, Jochen Bessemans, Community Manager & Evangelist