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Following are the some of the recent achievements.

30+ Top Global Influencers in HR Tech of 2018

Recognized By Digital HR Tech Blog
The Digital HR Tech site included Soumyasanto Sen as one of 30 global influencers in HR Technology for 2018.


13 HR Thought Leaders You Need to Follow on Twitter Now

Recognized By Smartrecruiters Hiring Success Journal
Soumyasanto Sen was included by Smart Recruiters as one of 13 HR thought leaders to follow on Twitter being recognized by the author as ‘The Sentinal’.

AI and Automation in HR: Impact, Adoption and Future Workforce

Talent Talk with Adam Gordon, Candidate ID
Artificial intelligence (AI) has been changing our lives for decades, but today its presence is bigger than ever before. Sometimes, we don’t even realize it when a new AI-powered system, tool, or product appears and outperforms us, humans. AI is everywhere today, and there are many aspects to consider as to how it will impact the future of work. Soumyasanto Sen had a talent talk with host Adam Gordon from Candidate ID.

Blockchain HR: What is it and why aren’t you using it?

Interview with HRD Canada
Blockchain – chances are you’ve probably heard the phrase in passing from one of the more passionate tech whizzes in your office.But how well do you understand the theory behind the hype? And how can this new modem actually help facilitate your HR function? Soumyasanto Sen had an interview with Emily Douglas from HRD Canada.

The Future of Performance Management

Interview with Grosum
Performance management is much more than a simple annual review. Today, organizations are rethinking fundamental aspects of the performance management process, including the frequency with which reviews are done, methods of manager training, and goal alignment.Soumyasanto Sen had an interview with Grosum Team.

Investing in HR Technology is Not the Same as Digital Transformation

Interview with Cactus Soft
On the issues of how to integrate technology across the business, what Digital Transformation requires, and why digital goes beyond technology, Evgenia Bereziuk of Cactus Soft spoke with Soumyasanto Sen

Beware of the Negligence of Digital Transformation Journey

Interaction with The Business Transformation Network
The Business Transformation Network engaged with Soumyasanto Sen to understand Digital Transformation journey and the reasons for the failure.

Gigs Gone Wild: Could Blockchain Make Freelancing the Norm?

Interview and Mentioned By Bloomberg BNA
Soumyasanto Sen was interviewed by Jasmine Ye Han of Bloomberg Law to discuss the effect of Blockchain on Gig Economy and Freelancing.

Paying Workers in Bitcoins? It’s Becoming a Reality

Interview and Mentioned By Bloomberg BNA
Soumyasanto Sen was interviewed by Jasmine Ye Han of Bloomberg Law to discuss the opportunity of payying workforce with Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

9 Must-Read Digital HR and HR Tech Articles of 2017

Best Article Recognized By Digital HR Tech Blog
The Digital HR Tech site includes Soumyasanto Sen’s interview with Cactus Soft “Investing in HR Technology is Not the Same as Digital Transformation” as the best must-read article for Digital HR and HR Tech Articles of 2017.


Top 5 Trending HR analytics Articles of January 2018

Top Trending Article Recognized By Analytics in HR
Analytics in HR site includes Soumyasanto Sen’s article “Introduction to Cultural Analytics, its implications and use cases” as one of the top 5 most trending article of January 2018.


The 20 best HR Analytics articles: Jan & Feb 2017 and Mar & Apr 2017

Best Articles Recognized By David Green
David Green, one of the top Thought leader in People Analytics and Future of Work includes Soumyasanto Sen’s articles written jointly with Raja Sengupta “Employee Engagement Analytics: How to Do it and Add Value” and “How Natural Language Processing can Revolutionise Human Resources” as one of the best articles between January-April 2018.