Disrupt HR Portfolio – Reschedge

Scheduling interviews have never been this simple. Scheduling interviews require more. That’s why Reschedge is the world’s most advanced scheduling engine. That’s why Reschedge is built for interviews. There’s never been anything like it. You can feel good about scheduling from the moment you sign in.

The world’s best algorithmic scheduling engine for interviews.

Reschedge‘s scheduling engine was carefully crafted to make last minute changes as easy as possible. Whether your interviewers run late, completely cancel, or cause a complete mess, Reschedge fixes it in moments.


From calendar and ATS set up to adding company contacts, getting started in Reschedge is easy. In just a few moments scheduling becomes easy forever.

Recruiting the right people is essential to the success of any company in today’s fast-paced business environment. While the search for top talent has intensified, the process of coordinating interviews remains an obstacle for everyone involved: hiring managers, recruiters, and candidates alike.

Coordinators must juggle interviewer and candidate availability, line up sequenced panel and manager interviews, reserve conference rooms, and deal with last-minute changes. Hours can be spent coordinating everything. Rather than focusing on sourcing and signing top talent, companies waste time scheduling and rescheduling interviews. Candidates don’t see hiring managers fast enough and top talent can be stolen away.



With its patent-protected technology, Reschedge offers an industry-first solution designed specifically to overcome the pains of interview scheduling.

A sophisticated algorithm combines interview requirements, hiring manager availability, and resource constraints to offer the best possible scheduling options. From simple one-on-ones to panels and all-day, sequenced interviews, Reschedge can handle it all.

By using Reschedge, talent acquisition departments reduce time spent scheduling interviews by up to 95%. This significantly shortens time-to-hire and frees up resources for more high-value tasks.

Take  a look at the video from Reschedge

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