Disrupt HR Portfolio – PulseShift

With job markets heating up and the war for talent entering its next stage, building
an attractive company culture, raising employee engagement and retaining great
employees have become the most important priorities for HR. Where should you
start? How do you find out which actions to take to move your organization into the
right direction? And how do you make sure you spend your money on the right things?


Founded in early 2016 and based in Mannheim, Germany, PulseShift offers leaders a tool to track what their employees are thinking of the company and the way it operates as closely as they track their company’s stock price: The SaaS platform from PulseShift captures feedback from employees on any topic in real time so that management is always aware of what’s going on with their workforce. That way, when something happens, our customers can directly track the impact on their strategy and steer their transformations more agile and effectively.

PulseShift combine this information with predictive analytics to find trends and patterns and anticipate how employees will react to a specific action. This puts top management straight into the driver’s seat to get their organization where it needs to go.



Refer: pulseshift-solution-onepager

Know more over the use cases and the advantages, know about the PulseShift revolution.



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