Disrupt HR Portfolio – Evalea

On an empirical basis and in cooperation with industry partners we have developed a system that can be used without any installation. The complex distribution, the thankless task of remembering and collecting as well as analyzing evaluation questionnaires is all handled by our evaluation system.


Evalea ‘s integrated benchmark allows for the first time to compare evaluation results and derive from the evaluation further action steps. Evalea ‘s scientifically optimized questionnaires, in combination with an automatic process, will help companies to ask the right people, the right questions at the right time. Nowadays HR departments still use questionnaires that are outdated, have no empirical background and deliver useless data when it comes to analyzing if a training was helpful for the employees. Evalea ‘s transfer questionnaires will not only measure the satisfaction of the training participant but mainly if the training had an impact on everyday work.


Evalea optimizes the evaluation of human resource development. Evalea ‘s online evaluation system reduces the complexity, increases quality and delivers consistent results. Companies get a complete overview of their training quality. Evalea are the first to provide businesses of all sizes with an automated assessment of their human resources development.

Please refer to: Evalea_Brochure for more detail.


Take a look into the video from Evalea (in German) as well.


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