Disrupt HR Portfolio – Collab

Collab is a smarter way to engage and upskill employees. Collab has an innovative tool to enhance the work culture.

Every employee is a combination of different skills, competencies and knowledge areas!
Collab give them the canvas to make their skill cards!


Collab ‘s matchmaking algorithm connects suitable co-workers to learn new skills from each other. They can meet schedule their ‘collab’ session by meeting either physically or virtually. On collaboration, employees rate their experiences and write reviews for each other.


Collab uses Gamification. Every action on the platform can gather points. So when one help a co-worker, they get points which can be redeemed for fun internal company rewards. The leaderboard is updated daily for the highest collaborators.


All interactions amongst the employees create rich data. Understand employee’s learning patterns, engagement index and comprehensive weekly reports to know how engaged is the workplace. Collab creates a monthly employee engagement index which helps to benchmark one company in the industry.






Check out the video from Collab 



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