Past Engagements


Scheduling interviews have never been this simple. Scheduling interviews require more. That’s why Reschedge is the world’s most advanced scheduling engine. That’s why Reschedge is built for interviews. The world’s best algorithmic scheduling engine for interviews.



Execute your strategy flawlessly through the power of evidence-based management and PulseShift’s smooth blend of continuous pulse surveys, predictive analytics, and action tracking. PulseShift uses continuous, always-on employee surveys to provide the actionable insights into what makes your organization tick.

Owen Analytics

An Artificial Intelligence based people solutions using Machine Learning and Organization Network Analysis. Owen provides a great platform for People analytics, which involves using digital tools and data to measure, report, and understand employee performance, is going through a major shift.


In 30 seconds a week, Teambay continuously improves your employees’ productivity, engagement, and happiness. To understand the level of your team’s satisfaction and happiness at work, Teambay asks diverse and simple questions every week. Using Simple Continuous Feedback from Teambay provides.


20% of employees leave in first 45 days, 77% decides to leave in the first 6  months. Appical empowers their customers to share real-life content with their new colleagues before day one, therefore having more engaging interactions, higher knowledge levels resulting in an accelerated time-to-productivity.


BizzTab Combines HR, Finance, Collaboration App In One Seamless System For Better Business Performance. BizzTab delivers financial management, human capital management, Employee Collaboration and analytics applications designed for various companies, educational institutions, and government agencies.


Evalea optimizes the evaluation of human resource development. Evalea ‘s online evaluation system reduces the complexity, increases quality and delivers consistent results. Companies get a complete overview of their training quality.



Happiness at work is the new name of the game. Disengaged employees hurt your company’s bottom line and happiest Companies Make More Money. But what makes a Happy workplace? Boost the employee productivity and retention by creating real human contacts.

Project Room

CVs are being overshadowed by new success factors in the application process. The focus is now on projects, experiences, and competencies! ProjectRoom is the first Application and Recruiting platform with a focus on Projects, Experiences, and Competences. A new wave of disruption.


Pulsetip helps to collect employee feedback, facilitate internal communication, and improve awareness in a way employees love. Using a “pull” instead of “push” approach to feedback, Pulsetip helps achieve higher response rates and more honest feedback.


Video empowers you to make the right choices when it comes to hiring. Gain insight into a candidate’s personality and examine those critical soft skills that are key for any role. myInterviews three products will save you 30% of your time to hire; Video Apply, Video Profiles and Video Interviewing.


oneclick Vision: “To create a better workspace, where software can be easily and securely deployed, distributed and used barrier-free.” oneclick want to bring down existing technological barriers:  means any software, anytime on any device. This is where oneclick operations are aligned.