Ongoing Engagements

Udder – Talent Tech

Udder help talent technology vendors to grow, by helping them to understand the problems their customers need solving. We also help them to amplify their message, and to communicate more effectively.


FasterCapital is a virtual incubator that has a unique approach. Mentoring & motivate start-ups to develop, refine and accelerate innovative ideas to turned into ground-breaking products and services.


As a Japan-focused No.1 primary research service provider, visasQ delivers competitive advantage by bringing global consulting firms, investors and corporations closer to the source in Japan. Thier vision is to Connect All the Knowledge on the Globe.

Cognitive Talent

Cognitive Talent Solutions helps companies make better, more informed decisions about employees by combining the capabilities of Organizational Network Analysis and Artificial Intelligence. In the way companies execute organizational restructuring initiatives such as mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations.


An efficient and scalable technology solution that measures, evaluates and matches your company culture with individual profiles of employees and candidates. Multigene helps to boost company performance and employee retention by matching the right candidates with company culture.

CV Proof

The ultimate career credentials validation platform, bringing blockchain’s immutability to create 100% transparency and reliability to the global market.  In addition to improving the credential reliability in the job market, CV proof aims to refresh the community business model in tokenizing and offering fair incentives to all.