Cultivating a successful relationship with the new hires

Successful onboarding is a total system for success, integrating the experiences that new hires encounter during their first full year or business cycle with their new organization, as defined by Mark Stein and Lilith Christiansen in their book Successful Onboarding:  A Strategy to Unlock Hidden Value Within Your Organization.

If you look at all of the relevant stakeholders that a new hire engages with during onboarding, we can identify at least four stakeholders that play a key part in the onboarding process: the recruiter, the HR department, their direct colleagues (buddies) and last but not least, the manager.

Since in over 70% of cases, an employee leaves a company due to a bad relationship with his or her direct manager, we will address the manager as a key stakeholder first.  In this blog we will discuss 10 tips for Managers to cultivate a successful relationship with their new hires.

1. Approach it as thought you are building a long-term relationship

It’s a long-term relationship that you are building with your new colleague. Take the lead and invite your new employee to a team lunch even before day one. This will encourage socializing and interaction.

2. Pre-start online networking

Send an invite to your new hires via Linkedin to ensure they feel already welcome in your community. Share some key blogs on your company and make sure the new hire is able to connect with the company Linkedin page beforehand.

3. Provide other managers and key employees with information about the new-hire beforehand

You may want to provide a resume and job description to the new hire’s team members and alert them regarding the new hire’s start date.  That way you can engage these colleagues to help create a warm and welcome first day experience for the new hire.

4. Make the first day memorable

You really create a soft landing when you make someone feel truly welcome. Think a welcome kit which is on the desk on their first day. (Needless to say; also a good moment to indulge your new hire in the branding of your company). A cool notebook, a pen, stickers, a neat desktop gift… Basically a first-day-survival kit. 🙂

5. Personally guide your new hires through the office

Immediately after the arrival of a new hire the office tour is a key experience for new hires. You don’t need to show them the full office on the 30+ floors as you can also have mobile technology work for you and do it virtually. But take the time to welcome them in person.

6. Explain and introduce your new hire to the “go-to” persons for their role

If you are able to introduce your new team members to the “go-to” persons for their role, such as an onboarding buddy/advisor, experienced co-workers or administrative personnel, this will enable the new hire to start building key personal connections and accelerate time-to-productivity.

7. Set achievable goals in the first week

Set achievable goals for your new hires in their first week and aim to have your employees experience their first success early in their tenure.. Reward success and provide a compliment when you can.

8. The first impressions count

Be on time for meetings with the new hire and make the time. If you are late for meetings with your new hire you are setting the wrong priorities.

9. Use their fresh feedback

Ask your new hire on a regular basis how things are working out and if there are challenges or opportunities.The new guy or girl has a very crystal clear vision and almost immediately sees the things that can be done better in an organization. Use this feedback to make your company thrive.

10. Don’t wait for the first day to share key information

Many companies are organizing plenary onboarding events to have senior management presenting key information about the company. Sending over key information in an app format before day one (preboarding) makes things a lot easier.

From reviewing these 10 tips, we can conclude that effective onboarding of new hires requires a high degree of people engagement and interaction. Technology can act as a key enabler to facilitate managers to demonstrate they have the right intentions and instruments for creating new hire success and happier employees.

What is your tip for cultivating a good relationship with new hires?

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This article has been taken from the original publication from Appical Blogs

Appical empowers their customers to share real-life content with their new colleagues before day one, therefore having more engaging interactions, higher knowledge levels resulting in an accelerated time-to-productivity.

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